The Splinter tile is a paradoxical puzzle: a shape that's structured to feel a bit 'unmoored' with a hint of chaos added to some strictly coherent patterning. The proportions and colour combinations might even be referred to as 'deceptively complex'.

In contrast to its appearance, however, this pentagonal tile is very deliberately created and – while every way you look may give a new way of seeing – we are here to reassure that there is a symmetry attached to the soul of these tiles that will anchor them in a truly secure formation. It's all very simple, just start with a centralised 'butterfly' – two mirrored tiles – and the rest can't help but find natural placement outwards from there.

In our experience this pattern also draws a lot of love – at least if you don't expect a tiler to necessarily love you for choosing it! Contrary-wise, do expect them to love their finished work. Anyone who has mastered this shape-shifting format, you can be pretty sure, will be proud of their hand in its placement!

You can try and wrap your head around the logic (we have diagrams attached here to help), or just go with the flow of choosing to love what you don't understand. All you really need to know is that this particular pattern weaves an aesthetical, magical, mathematical path on which it is almost impossible to be led astray.

The Splinter tile design by Popham is priced per box containing: 0.49m2. There are 14 tiles per box – 7 left facing and 7 right facing (mirrored in shape, not in pattern) in each box of 14.

If you would like any assistance in working out how many boxes you will need for a particular project, email us at with a 'plan' of the dimensions you are dealing with and we can help advise on exact quantities required.

Size: cm, 29.5 x 19.3 (pentagon)

Colours are as seen: Slate, Kohl, Marine, and Milk.

Please note:

One of the artisanal (and most beautiful) features of Popham tiles is some colour variance within each individually handmade tile.

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Lead time usually up to 12 weeks.

Priced per box containing: 0.49m2. There are 14 tiles per box. 7 tiles of left 7 tiles of right (see spec sheet for more info)

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